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College Maps

Red areas are the elevated walkways. These were off limits during lunch and recess lest anyone got 'accidently' thrown over the edge. Stairs consisted of a puke green stairwell in the middle of block N, a rickety iron fire escape at the west end of the same block, the main staircase under the tower (K) and a flight overlooking the Principal's private garden between blocks J and Q. Blue areas are covered, ground level walkways. Two storey buildings were concentrated around the quadrangle and are indicated with a darker shade of grey.

Circa 1989

College Map Circa 1989
  1. A: Plastics Workshop (and Frank the Gardner's lean-to).
  2. B: Manual Arts Block. Metalwork, Woodwork and Technical Drawing.
  3. C: Social Studies Block. Location of the best toilets in the school.
  4. D: The Back Oval
  5. E: Room 18 (Demountable). Removed circa 1993.
  6. F: Room 17 (Demountable). Removed circa 1993.
  7. G: Multi Purpose Area (MPA). Also Social Studies rooms, Italian Room and lair of the Chaplain and Counsellors.
  8. H: Home Economics Block. Food and Nutrition and Fabricwork. Built in 1989 to replace the one torched by arsonists in 1988.
  9. I: Plant Nursery. Destroyed around 1991-1992 and built over with a new computer lab, typing room, social studies rooms, staircase and lift.
  10. J: Science Labs (upstairs). English rooms (with folding walls) and dodgy toilets (downstairs).
  11. K: Main Staircase and Tower with rain gauge. The highest point in the school.
  12. L: Biology and Computer Labs (upstairs) Library (Downstairs). The library was expanded eastwards in around 1990-1991.
  13. M: Undercroft. Converted to maths classrooms around 1989-1990.
  14. N: Maths rooms. The oldest and most run down part of the school.
  15. O: Side Entrance. A tunnel through the math block with a puke green stairwell to the upper level.
  16. P: The Quadrangle. No map could adequately depict its non-quadrangleness. Upgraded with a gazebo, flower beds and brick paving in 1989-1990.
  17. Q: Art rooms (upstairs). Administration and staff room (downstairs). Expanded 1989-1990.
  18. R: Canteen (downstairs). A new Art room was built on top in 1989-1990.
  19. S: Leeroy Mulder Memorial Gym including stage and chapel. Music rooms upstairs.
  20. T: Basketball Court. A fire escape led up to the top level of the gym.
  21. U: Decaying netball courts. Demolished and replaced with a massive array of basketball/netball courts in 1992-1993.
  22. V: The Score Board. Home of the Geek Underclass in exile while the Bus Bay was constructed in 1990.
  23. W: The Monkey-Bars. Home of the Geek Underclass 1989-1990.
  24. X: The Abode of the Geeks. Converted into the Bus Bay in 1990.
  25. Y: Strange wooden climbing frame and non-balancing log.
  26. Z: The Gravelly Track. De-facto western school boundary.

Circa 1993

College Map Circa 1993
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