You can't have a website without links. So here are some I can highly recommend...

6DStargate - The web home of the 6DStargate mailing list. We don't always (or let's face it often) talk about Stargate, but we do talk about almost everything else, and have fun doing it.

Fiery Fred's Fantastic Fun Factory - Describing this site would be redundant, as the title creates such a vivid mental image :) However despite what you might think this a a fairly sane (we wouldn't want it completely sane would we?) site about Stargate. Be sure to check out the archeology section, which has a great story about a duck (or was it a goose?) and wonderous signs from the Valley of the Kings.

Jaffa Kree! - The web's first dedicated Christopher Judge website. Or at least the first any of us have been able to find :) Another of Fiery Fred's sites. Includes a complete Teal'c story arc, and the Living Teal'c Doll! (Courtesy of your's truly :)

Kernel Jack's Pad - Somewhat similar to FFFFF, which isn't surprising when you know Fiery and the Kernel. Plenty of stuff to do and see, including amusing animated gifs, Stargate dance music (yes! really!) and a pretty comprehensive a-z encyclopedia thingy about the series.

Sarcastic SG1 - Stephanie's site, where she completely mocks the series and everything to do with it, but in a good way :) Some of her reviews make me laugh so hard I have trouble breathing. She hasn't done much of the third season though, get to work Steph! :) Also has the world's only lego SGC.


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