Civ II Stargate SG1

OK, let's face it, this scenario is probably never going to get done. Particularly as Civ III has now been out for over a year, and all the files are stuck on my old computer, which is pretty tempermental. I may get around to posting the fairly playable beta version that Fiery Fred and Supreme Comander Thor tested back in 1999 - if I can find it that is. In the meantime just gawk at these graphics.

If anyone is actually interested in finishing the scenario, then please contact me. I might hand over everything I've got on it :)

On an ugly black background

A Cheops class ship.

A Ha'tak class ship.

Thor's Hammer.

A Deathglider.

A serpent guard.

A horus guard.

A sarcophagus.

A stargate. Obviously.

The iris

SG1 is a unit by itself, but I did the characters seperately. So here they are.

Samantha Carter.

Daniel Jackson, obviously. See the glasses?

Jack O'Neill. Note the hat and glasses.

Teal'c. Note the gold tattoo.

SG1. The whole gang.

An SGC Marine. Your basic grunt troops.

A M.A.L.P Unit.

A U.A.V Unit.

A Mobile Ground Transport.


For Graphics

The now defunct SG1-Net
Tomb of the Chihuahua Pharoahs

For Scenario Stuff

Apolyton Civilisation
The Great Icon Library
Leon Marrick and Harlan Thompson's Advanced Scenario Design

For Playtesting, Graphics and Encouragement

Fiery Fred, Kernel Jack, Supreme Comander Thor, and all the 6DStargate crew.

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