Lets face it, no one ever reads through those long lists of links people stick on their websites. Mainly because they usually link to a whole load of boring, inane, sites, many of which haven't been updated since 1996, and the rest of which were taken down when their owners got fed up with their inability to program Flash.

This taken into consideration, Wyrmworld is pleased to present The Wyrmworld Link Engine! Simply click the funky graphic below and be whisked away to one of hundreds* of specialy selected and approved websites, rated high in wholesome vyrmiform goodness!

Go on. You know you want to.

* Well, 124 actually.

Please note that sites accessed from The Wyrmworld Link Engine are completely seperate from Wyrmworld, and Denys the Purple Wyrm and all associated entities and subsidiaries incorporated cannot be held accountable for any offensive, libelous, scurilous, false, misleading, juvenile, irritating, funky, silly, slack, non-slack, squamous, annoying or just plain missing content presented (or not presented) on them. You click (as always) at your own risk.