Not too long ago General Stephanie (my CO) ordered me to compose a Shakespearean sonnet on the subject of General Hammond's hair. I'm not sure if she thought I'd actually do it, but an order is an order. So here is the rather dodgy result...

Sonnet No. 3
An ode to the Hair of Hammond

I sing to all of Hammond, George by name,
The modern Major Geníral, it is said,
That many sing of valour, and of fame,
But personíly I sing about his head,
A crown of marble it was once described,
By Hathor, she is evil, also old,
Her hair was artificial, you decide,
Perhaps beneath that wig she too is bald?,
But back to Hammondís head, it well could scorch,
The eyes, reflecting any source of light,
By flouro-tube or halogen or torch,
By sun or moon a beacon shining bright,
The thing to note the most of Hammond's hair,
Is just the fact it simply isnít there,

The challenge is now out to anyone to write a Shakespearean sonnet about Teal'c's gold tattoo. Or a haiku about that horrible little beard thing he's apparently sporting in season four :)

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