This whole thing came about after a dream I had where SG-1 (I even dream about the show, is that pathetic or what?) were involved with an excavation of Cadbury Castle in England (thought by many to be the historical Camelot) and found a golden, jewel encrusted Serpent Guard helmet, which was related to King Arthur or something. Then I reread the story of Merlin and Vortigen in one of my reference books, and realised possesion by a Goa'uld could explain it pretty neatly. Then I remembered that there are legends of Kings buried in golden coffins in hills all over England, particularly at Glastonbury (possibly the historical Avalon) and Avebury. It all fell together.

Unfortunately it didn't fall together well enough to actually be finished. After it had sat around for several months gathering dust I mentioned it to Stephanie (of 6DStargate) and she wanted to see it. So I stuck in the bracketed text to hold it together. Then Fiery Fred wanted a look, then Kernel Jack, who said I should share it with the world. So I am.

If anyone's interested in trying to finish it, please have a go. just be sure to credit any bits of my text that you use:)

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