I'm not happy with this one. It's too long for a start, and the main imputus of the storytelling seems to be to get to the challenges by the most circuitus route possible. Jack seems to have multiple personality disorder, and the mood switches from normal to silly to dramatic with absolutely no consistancy at all.

But it does have a few good bits, which is why it's up here. I might go back and rewrite it some day, I think the challenge sort of dragged it down a bit.

Anyway for those of you who may be curious, I didn't make any of that stuff about Charles Fort up. I did mangle his Super Sargasso Sea theory a little bit, he reckoned it was a zone of null gravity high in the atmosphere, not another planet. Not that we know for sure whether he actually believed in it or not. He had lots of fun filling his books with ridiculous theories, mostly to point out how ridiculous the orthodox scientific theories of the day were (and still are in many cases). By the way, in addition to "fafrotsky", Fort invented the word "teleport" too. Just so you know.

The plot I give for Henry Fielding's Tom Jones may be a little out. I've never read it, I just watched the BBC mini-series a few years ago, which was quite entertaining. The stuff about ABCs is true too, at least in the basic facts that people see melanistic (black) panthers all over the place where they couldn't conceivably be. Trust me, the idea that they teleport from another planet is tame compared to some of the other ABC theories.

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