Author: Denys the Purple Wyrm
Category: Humour/Fanfic Challenge
Spoilers: None, as far as I can tell
Sequel/Season Info: After Fair Game since Sam is refered to as "Major"
Rating: PG/PG-13
Content Warning: Minor language, dead frogs, lots of yelling, threats of death, scary ending.
Summary: SG1 visit a planet that bears similarities to some of the theories of a certain Charles Fort...

By Ali Yates (Kernel Jack)

1. Someone must say these exact words: "If rabbits eat grass then goats will expire rapidly."
2. Must include a Red Herring (an actual Herring)
3. Exactly 6 references to Tom Jones
4. The phrase "Bread is good for you" being used a minimum of four times
5. Jack has to make something using a fairy liquid bottle and sticky back plastic.
6. A pocket handkerchief

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