Author: Denys the Purple Wyrm
Category: Humour/Fanfic Challenge
Spoilers: None, as far as I can tell
Sequel/Season Info: Between Fair Game and Forever in a Day
Rating: PG/PG-13
Content Warning: Minor language, excessive alcohol consumption, cowboy suit.
Summary: Daniel drags Sam and Teal'c out to a bar for some mysterious purpose...

By Denys the Purple Wyrm

1. A member of SG1 must have a part time job outside the SGC
2. A character, possibly one of the major characters, but also possibly one of the bit players who appear in one episode then are never seen again, lets face it that's far more interesting don't you think, must perform a musical number. This can be by any artist *except* for Tom Jones :)
3. Teal'c must display an interest and/or talent in one of the following areas; Ballet, Gymnastics, Taxidermy, Macramé, Arson
4. There must be a minor (no more than one paragraph) crossover with one of the following shows; The Drew Carey Show, Seven Days, ER, Jonathon Creek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Are You Being Served Extra points if this crossover is so obscure it has to pointed out to fellow viewers of the show in question. Anyone unfamiliar with all of the above shows may substitute Seinfeld. Everyone must have seen that at some point. It's a last resort though I don't want Kramer popping up in every story :)
5. Someone must call out, in these exact words "Phonecall for Mr Horrible!"
6. And finally, no X-Files references!

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