Author: Denys the Purple Wyrm
Category: Extremely silly humour/Fanfic Challenge
Spoilers: A few for some episode of the X-Files. Can't remember the name of it though.
Sequel/Season Info: After Fair Game
Rating: PG/PG-13
Content Warning: Minor language, minor passive gore.
Summary: SG1 travel to a planet, almost drown, then can't find the DHD. Confusion ensues.

By Stephanie

1. Someone must say, in these exact words, "I've split my pants, look!"
2. Someone must also say: "Cheese is often found where you least expect it."
3. There must be a hyperactive seal looking for ants.
4. At least one reference to X-Files.
5. The word "ubiquitous" must be used 5 times.
6. 4 or more jokes about General Hammond's bald head.

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